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Elysium Recruiting
Elysium is currently recruiting the following:
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Corruption (5)
Lotus (5)
Berserker (5)
Reaver (5)
Bear Shaman
Spirits (5)
Wrath (5)
Brute (5)
Carnage (5)
Dark Templar
Depravity (5)
Desecration (5)
Conflagration (5)
Havok (5)
Juggernaut (5)
Tempest (5)
Herald of Xotli
Avatar (5)
Possession (5)
Nightfall (5)
Reanimation (5)
Priest of Mitra
Divinity (5)
Vengeance (5)
Sharpshooter (5)
Waylayer (5)
Tempest of Set
Lightning (5)
Thunder (5)
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Elysium is an Age of Conan guild on the US server Wiccana.  We are primarily a PVE guild; however we also branch out into PvP on a less regular basis.  Elysium, while being a fairly new guild, is still real-life friendly.  The majority of us all have full-ime jobs, are in full-time education or have familes.  That being said, Elysium was created to be a place where friends can come and take a break from all their real life issues.  Age of Conan is a game, we feel that your time in Hyboria should be a fullfilling experience.  Here at Elysium, we strive to provide those with the tools, and community you need to have a fullfilling experience within the world of Hyboria.  We aim at ensuring its members can benefit from belonging to a great guild that they wouldn't otherwise experience. Elysium is a family and the input of all players in the guild, regardless of status, rank and level, is encouraged. Elysium prides itself in maintaining a high level of respect for, and the fostering of positive interaction between, guild members. 

 Our mission is to grow both the guild status and the status and experience of its members and seeks interest from players with the same values.  Elysium will maintain a balance between adventuring, crafting, questing and raiding and recognises that members are unique and have different priorities, styles and requirements. Our strength is our membership.

Our goal is create a solid player base where you can turn to anyone in the guild for help and know that we have your back.  Starting from the ground up, we want to grow together as a guild and we want YOU to be a part of it.  Let Elysium be your haven for friendship, camaraderie, laughter, and memories here in Hyboria.

We are a new guild.  If you're interested in becoming an officer, raid leader, or a member of Elysium then please feel free to pm me.


Guild News

Elysium guild website launched!

DeweyZepp, Jun 12, 10 8:26 AM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DeweyZepp, Jun 12, 10 8:18 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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